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PJM-PI Private Investigators, based in Devon, will visit your customer and make enquiries on your behalf to evidence means and lifestyle and will include employment, assets, liabilities and income and expenses, whether by appointment or discreet surveillance. To discuss your surveillance requirements, contact us. Discretion and integrity assured.


Client Recommendation

"I used PJM-pi Private Investigators to prove my partner did not complete her Form 7 properly during our Divorce proceedings, PJM-pi were able to prove that she was lying on the Form in relation to her co-habitation and the Judge awarded me everything I wanted - A very professional job - Thanks Phil."

Matrimonial surveillance - PJM-PI Private Investigators are always extremely sensitive to your needs, particularly in areas which require discretion and judgments are required with this type of evidence gathering, we will carry out discreet surveillance, enquiries and obtain photographic evidence.

The business of PJM-PI Private Investigators is the gathering of information and providing detailed reports to enable you the client to make your decisions on the most cost effective action to you.

PJM-PI Private Investigators will work closely with you to understand your individual needs and to ensure that your requirements are met, whilst acting within the law and ensuring a quality service.

PJM-PI Private Investigators, specialising in discreet surveillance across Devon and Cornwall

PJM-PI Private Investigators, based in Plymouth, offers a whole host of surveillance services for you, these include but are not limited to:

»   Criminal defence Investigations

»   Debt recovery & evidence of means reports

»   Electronic surveillance

»   Employee vetting

»   Lifestyle reporting

»   Fraud investigation

»   Personal injury Investigations

»   Internal theft investigations

»   Matrimonial surveillance

»   And more!

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